Sure, CACTUS VAN is affiliated with ‘UNDERGROUND UNDERDOG‘ – but his distinct personality, rugged voice, and choppy flow will bring him to the forefront as long as he puts in the work. And he has.

His newest music video for BIG CACTUS VAN is an accurate depiction of what CACTUS can bring to the current hip hop scene. Above you is an incredible, experimental, short film, starting with a scene of a guy falling in a video game that CACTUS and his crew are playing. This is only the start of ominous figures, weed, silver grills, and a plethora of weird shit. The best part? It’s one of the best visuals I’ve seen in awhile.

Videographer  and CACTUS made this work their own, breaking all boundaries, never giving into mainstream tactics. CACTUS gives an incredible performance. His energy is infectious, drawl engaging, and lyrical content equal parts witty and raw. Also – dude can rap.

BIG CACTUS VAN is the first single off of his debut project, DEATHMATCH, which you can stream below. DEATHMATCH is some wild shit, and dope as fuck.

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