The West Coast Renaissance Continues With K Grizz’s Banging New Project, ‘For My Niggaz.’

Los Angeles & Las Vegas are closer than many would think. Growing up in Vegas, many people — including myself — were originally from L.A., but who’s families got priced out (gentrification) & opted for the cheaper properties & scortching temperatures of Sin City.

This move allowed for a class of L.A. babies who grew up on G-Funk & west coast classics, to help define the sound of Las Vegas. One of those guys is K Grizz, a Los Angeles to Vegas transplant who’s signature funky-meets-ratchet sound shined bright on his new project, For My Niggaz.

After spawning a bit of a fan base following a rowdy local performance & his catchy single, “Nerd” Grizz uses this project to prove that he’s more than just a flash in the pan. Using vivid imagery in his lyrics, Grizz complimentsthe raw, authentic sounds aided by his ability to melodically blend in to whatever kind of production is thrown at him without sounding off. At times, he croons a little bit, other times he just wants to eat your heart out with stone cold #BARS, either way, he’s definitely one to watch.

Stream For My Niggaz below & be sure to stay familiar with K Grizz.