Las Vegas Native Teej Finallys Drops His Debut Album, ‘Spotlight.’


Nostalgia is a huge tactic being used in just about every form of monetizing entertainment in 2018. For example, you can see it in the fashion, with some of the older brands and styles making their way around the block. You can definitely see it in movies, with the remaking of classics like Star Wars & even Superfly. But perhaps most effectively, you see it in music. Utilizing this in a surprisingly — and difficult — way, Las Vegas Rep Teej takes us back, sonically on his debut album, Spotlight.

Kicking off the project, Teej begins with the single of the same name, which is the first song I was personally introduced to. Again, nostalgia is at play here with the sequencing, which in itself was amazing with transitions from tracks like, “Aquafina” to “Swing On By” sounding like the score to a 90s sitcom. While fun & attention to memories that make you feel…. something are the main themes of this album, the San Diego transplant gets a little more introspective on, “With Me (Transparent)” which sounds like the next evolutionary step in Teej’s creativity.

Listen to, Spotlight above & be sure to keep an eye on Teej.