After Matt Maratea’s Brief Absence, He’s Back With His Best Song Yet, ‘GRAPEVINE’

It’s been a good solid month since we’ve heard from Matt Maratea. The first half of the year was good to him, with a slew of records that turned heads in the blogosphere and on SoundCloud.

Matt can’t stay away from the studio too long, hence the release of his new track GRAPEVINE. From the jump he explains his brief absence, detailing a broken heart from an Instagram model whom he trusted. The short story ends with “I’m gone, I’m doing better for that reason.” The OB produced instrumental then picks up steam as Matt shakes it off, and remembers his talent and drive for music. Confidence oozes throughout the rest of the track, with lyrical goodness and a stutter step flow.

His next solo project drops in July, and if it’s anything close to GRAPEVINE, the best track he’s ever made, we are in for a real treat.