flowsfordays Premiere: YOUNG XAV – With Your Love (New Track)

It is vital for artists to build a fan base in their city. Most calculate every move they make to insure their home base hears their music, and begins to support their movement. It’s one thing to build regional support, but another to amass thousands of fans around the world. Chicago’s YOUNG XAV has already achieved this in a very short period of time.

XAV is a true fan of music, and leads by passion and feeling. He grew up with a DJ father, but one day randomly decided to record a song by reaching out to some producer friends and booking a session in Milwaukee. XAV’s first song became his hit single Summer Love. This was followed by the Beside The Dying Fire EP, and tracks The Villain and Working. It was these two records that reached people from around the world, and amassed an incredible amount of streams.

XAV has been working hard in the studio, and in anticipation of his upcoming project has dropped With Your Love exclusively with us. His music is unpredictable in the best way possible, and never lacks in experimentation and spontaniety. This is still the case with our newest premiere, which is an uptempo, electronica, dance ready anthem that still manages to incorporate fast paced lyrics and a heartfelt message. Between haunting female vocals, XAV pours his heart out to the girl he loves, telling her that no matter the time or place, he feels no temptation. The feelings are not only felt through his lyrics, but also from the beat produced by Music Head. 

There is much more to come for XAV, and he promises more music will be dropping very soon. Stay tuned.