Producer, Rapper, and Poet Bless 1 Is Back With Inspirational Single ‘No Looking Back’

“The life that I’ve been living, ain’t pushing me towards the ceiling.”

And just like that, I’m introduced to Bless 1. Originally a rapper from Chicago, Bless soon turned to producing and licensing music for TV and ads. He released an instrumental album titled Urban Growth  back in January, showcasing his chops on the production tip. Bless is equally talented on the mic, and he’s back with a new single featuring him rapping over his own production.

Bless has a unique rapping style, using an off-kilter flow that may sound a bit off-putting. After a few bars you’ll get past it, and begin to appreciate his approach. Lyrically, he is a skilled rhymer, and even more so a poet.

I would start with his lyric video on the top of this page to fully experience his genius. It’s been a rough time for Bless, but he is far from straightfoward. Deciphering his lyrics is half the fun, and require multiple listens to understand what he’s been through. I truly enjoyed this track and am excited to add it to my Apple Music library, which you can do so here.