New Duo Lonely Together Release Irresistible Summer Jam ‘I Like Me Better (Lauv Remix)’

A breathtaking song hit my inbox recently, and I downloaded it immediately. This is a rare occurence on my part, but Lonely Together’s I Like Me Better is an irresistible summer jam. The group is made up of ZAK (flowsfordays OG) and Rosie, who have been a couple for over 6 years (props!.) They just started making music together, and have already peaked my interest. It’s worth noting that they produce, sing, write and engineer all of their music, which is no easy feat. They draw influences from hip hop, EDM, trap, pop, R&B & alternative rock, which is put together beautifully on I Like Me Better.

They harmonize with passion over this remix, using intimate, light vocals that are a perfect match for the instrumental. The original record from Lauv was very minimal, and both Rosie and ZAK focused on giving it more depth. Although Love Me Better is a pop ballad, it’s still uptempo, and easily one of the best songs I’ve heard all summer.