Joey Burbs Drops The Visual To Summer Jam “Treat You Like A 90’s R&B Song”

Joey Burbs makes his flowsfordays’ debut with a catchy new song and visual. The audio to Treat You Like A 90’s R&B Song is infectious, but the music video captures Joey’s charisma and light hearted nature. Paint and it’s vivid colors are a constant in the visual, thanks to Videographer Jules Villareal and editor Nadine Merheb.

Joey’s greatest strength is his vocal abilities. He sings with no hiccups, using a smooth, upbeat style that has no flaws. He has some rapping skills as well, which are dispersed throughout the track. Dude also produced the Mary J. Blige sampled cut, which makes me wonder what he can’t accomplish.

Both his singing and rapping capture the unexpected feeling of being in love, and the excitement of being in an amazing relationship. This is the first single off of Joey’s upcoming album due out this Summer.