Multi-Media Platform FILO Drops 2nd Hip Hop Mix

I’m an obsessive collector of hip hop cds, vinyl, & cassettes. I like to call it a healthy addiction…possibly to sleep better at night. It’s a rare occurrence for me to hear a project, especially a submission, that I NEED to have in some sort of physical medium. After a full stream of FILO’s Mix #2, that was all I could think about. FILO is a newly minted multi-media corporation that serves as a music label, media platform, and much more. The company already has a plethora of artists on board. FILO has distributed all of ANXT‘s music, and you already know my love for dude.

Their newest mix is full of multi-faceted instrumentals, enticing interludes, and a bunch of rhyme slingers that never miss the mark. It’s an ever flowing project, and a unique way to present the talent on the team. The mix features signee’s such as Gold Mysterio, MZA, Raff Alpha, funk.shu, AVerma, and of course ANXT.

FILO’s YouTube and SoundCloud page are POPPIN’ with so much to explore. They may just be the best label you don’t know of yet. I’m silently begging for these guys to put their mixes on at least a cassette. A girl can dream.

Tracklist below:

0:00 Gold Mysterio feat. Monet – Before I Self Destruct feat. Monet
3:02 funk.shu -Press Start
4:49 AVerma – You Already Know What I’m About
6:50 Raff Alpha – You a Real N*gga
9:56 MZA – Needed You
11:58 anxt – Over/Under
15:12 MZA – Falling
17:34 AVerma – okc 107
18:34 funk.shu -DeeDay (one for Dilla)
19:48 Raff Alpha – Definitely Mandatory (Prod, Kenny Wang)
23:30 Gold Mysterio – Reborn (Prod. Abel Petit)
26:38 anxt -Dirt On My Teeth