Hip Hop YouTube Pages Worth Subscribing To (Chicago Edition)

GoodyFollow him on YouTube

Goody has already had a landmark year. He’s found great success with his music, but most impressive has been his music video output. 2014 saw his first visual on YouTube, but it can’t hold a candle to the 5 that have dropped this year. Goody has worked with an array of talented videographers to keep his content fresh and exciting. 

We covered Under Pressure back in February, and I was immediately impressed with the gritty iPhone camera clip. Ron Louis captured Winter in the Chicago streets, but still focused on Goody’s rhymes. 

Under Pressure was just the beginning of a 2 month rampage of visuals. Goody is outworking so many in the city, and is putting out fresh content almost monthly. You can’t predict what he’ll bring next, and that’s exactly why I subscribe to his channel. 

Marko $tats – Follow him on YouTube

After Marko $tats released BEE-4 I FLY AWAY, his life got hectic in the best way possible. He’s performed all over the city, and always delivers a dynamite performance. Yes, he’s making some of the best music this side of Chicago, but his visual game is always on point. Many don’t know that Marko has been doing this for years. Yes, his older content was grittier, but it shows a hungry MC with hopes, dreams, and the drive to make it all happen. 

Now that he has a good backing, Marko has been able to make high definition, thematic visuals that accompany the themes of BEE-4 I FLY AWAY. There’s a bunch up on his page, so hit subscribe. 

ILL Gordon – Follow him on YouTube

ILL Gordon attacks his visuals with an animal instinct. He’s not afraid to scare the competition with dark imagery, eerie backdrops, and an I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. It may be a performance, but he has the same mindset when making music. You’ll see all of this and more on his YouTube page. 

Neak – Follow him on YouTube

Neak’s YouTube page has a healthy mix of visuals, interviews, live show clips and streams. He’s been in the game for years now, and his videos have continued to blow my mind. My favorite is King Deferred which was shot by APJ Films. Spoken word moves into the beginning of the ear piercing instrumental, followed by odd imagery that fits into Neak’s message and off the cuff flow. 

Dude has an amazing page with a lot to explore, so don’t miss out. 

BRUUS – Follow him on YouTube

Just a week ago, Chicago’s BRUUS dropped a mind-blowing visual to his song I Want Blood. You have to see it to believe it, and once you do I hope you appreciate the man’s creative spirit. Looks like he’s putting out more videos, as 2 have impacted in the last month. He has strong song-writing skills and a melodic tone that is hard to hate. Peep.