Chicago’s Prov Drops Indie-House Single With Chandler Lewis & SamNelly

Chicago producer Prov works his ass off. I’ve seen it in submissions, on Soundcloud, and all over Twitter. He has a deep love for making music, and can make any sub-genre sound dope. He’s done hip hop, R&B, dance, electronic, and everything in-between.

His latest and greatest, Zone, is a dance, electronic, R&B wonderland with high energy and a lot of experimentation. This is classic Prov, and he’s more than paid his dues to the Chicago scene. Just because Zone isn’t “hip hop” doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate this crazy good track. Many of my followers love multiple genres of music, as does Prov.

It features a verse from Chandler Lewis and vocals from SamNelly. Zone emulates the anticipation of rejoicing with the people we love and the conflict of persevering in a state of focus. Complex, relevant stuff.

It was even premiered on Chicago’s radio station Vocalo on their Morning Amp show. Don’t sleep.

Stream on Spotify above or Apple Music here.