N.B.S. & Tragedy Khadafi Bring Intelligent Street Rap To New Visual “Violent Wisdom”

This year, cousins E‘Flash and V Knuckles (aka N.B.S.) dropped their album SwissVets 2 to great fanfare. The 2 lone features on the project are the legendary group ONYX, along with another OG Tragedy Khadafi. Natural Born Spitters have a great PR team, already releasing 3 visuals off of the LP. The Onyx video was my favorite until Violent Wisdom hit my inbox.

This one features Tragedy, and serves as a homage to the seemingly forgotten intelligent street-focused approach to hip hop. All 3 have thrived in their respective careers by spitting over dusty samples, neck snapping drums, and lyrical genius. We’ve got DJ Tray to thank on the instrumental front, and JakeBeatz Films for bringing life to the gritty, street inspired track.

Stream on your favorite platform right here.