Chicago Crooner Azizz Drops His Remarkable Sophomore Album ‘MOOD’

Earlier this year, Chicago crooner Azizz announced his sophomore album MOOD was dropping sooner than later. He then released the first single titled Alesha’s Interlude. It immediately drew attention with solid reviews, a plethora of plays, and the development of a devoted fanbase. It was soon followed by another cut that fully established his place in the growing Chicago music scene. Soon enough, supporters all over Twitter were begging for MOOD.

Thankfully the project is here, and it is remarkable. All of the buzz was well deserved, and after a full listen I developed a personal affection for songs such as Letter To Her, My Side, & Mood. Azizz has his own take on R&B, combing traditional soul with vivid lyrics, all-encompassing production, and switch ups that had me on the edge of my seat. The relatability factor is high whether he speaks on heartbreak, love making or two-part records that switch up in unpredictable ways.

Highly recommended. Stream on Apple Music here.