flowsfordays Premiere: Mountos – Conditional Friends (New Track)

I have so much respect for artists who wear their heart on their sleeve. They stand behind the microphone, and perhaps behind Twitter, but the vulnerability factor is still very much there. Many of us are afraid to look weak….repressing these feelings and taking them out on loved ones who are none the wiser. Some hurt others. And some turn the pain into beautiful music.

Artists expressing their thoughts and feelings on wax is far from something new. But do you always get the sense that if the music wasn’t recorded they might not be here today? I ask you to consider this while listening to our newest premiere with California’s Mountos titled Conditional Friends.

Unconditional is a word often used when describing friends and family who love us no matter what, but there are many in our lives that are here under certain conditions. Mountos has had more than his fair share of disappointment – so many people have left when he didn’t live up to their expectations. He fearlessly strings together personal narratives with somber vocals and a reflective tone that shows his songwriting prowess and great ear for beats. He grabbed charlie toØ human to provide a multi-dimensional instrumental that captures the feelings that Mountos spills onto the track. Take it all in.