Cory Rhymal Will Challenge Your Inner Psyche In New LP “Processing the Process”

One glance at the title of Cory Rhymal’s new LP, and you’ll know your consciousness will soon be awakened. Cory has put together an extraordinary project in Processing The Process, centered around potent, in your face bars, alongside his gravely, apocalyptic monotone. You will immediately hear the pain and confusion in this voice – a heavy baritone that will serve as an additional help to get his message across.

Processing the Process delves deep into Cory’s psych, using the platform of music to find some sense in his day to day life. He shares his multi-faceted persona through experiences and questions that have no answer. Cory worked with a slew of artists and producers that only helped him diversify his content, continuously bringing new elements to the LP. A smart choice was grabbing Qari who uses a similar stream of conscious flow that is so poetic it needs multiple listens to take in a single bar. Production comes from THEMpeople, Mulatto Beats, Lezter, Luke Almighty and more, purposely curated for different palates. I enjoyed Processing the Process front to back, and applaud Cory for expressing his music without following the trends of today’s hip hop.