Mauzy Takes Us Along His Journey Through College in Debut EP “Bombs: Been On My BS”

Mauzy is everything I’d want in an MC. His voice is distinct, he brings creativity to his music, his production choice is intact, he has a unique flow, his rhymes are potent and personal, and he knows how to tell a story. This is proven in his debut EP, Bombs: Been On My BS. The project takes us along his journey through college, describing the activities that took place, why they happened, and what led to them.  Day One is a choice cut off of the project, and a smart choice as the opener. He sheds light on how hard it is to find a Day 1 that supports you no matter the circumstance –  something we can all relate to.

Romeo Must Die is my favorite track and the longest on the EP. I had no idea it was over 5 minutes until it ended because I was so enthralled in his story. The project flew by for that very reason, and I think you’ll have a similar experience. Mauzy is on his way to greatness. Mark my words.

Stream Bombs: Been On My BS on all platforms here.