flowsfordays Premiere: Chizlonies The Lord – “Songs For Women” (New Album)

Chizlonies The Lord has more than proved his worth in the last month. I’ve hosted a good amount of his music, and the views and comments have shown I wasn’t wrong to believe in him. Today is the big day, the day all of his hard work, promo, and long recording hours come to a head. Songs For Women is a beautiful exploration of emotions positive and negative.

With instrumentals inspired by soul, funk, rock R&B, and of course hip hop, we have a multitude of ways to truly hear his message. SFW is not only deep in the amount of tracks, but in the content and lyrical skill. It is a celebration of women, and an honest and vivid portrayal of the experiences he’s had with them. The artwork is also a piece of the puzzle with vibrant colors among watercolor.

Enter the mind of Chizlonies by pressing play above.

You can alternatively stream the album on Apple Music here, and SoundCloud here.