Catching Up On Submissions Part 3 (Best Of)

Sebastian Kamae – Dust (Single)

Instrumental goodness from Chicago producer Sebastian Kame who is currently working on a new project featuring a host Chicago based artists. Dust is an apt description of the instrumental above, with similarities to Guru’s Jazzmattazz series along with lo-fi sonics and elements of old school hip hop. Singles will continue to drop while we wait for the LP out in June. Vibe.

TwonDon – The Throne (Music Video)

If you’re looking for bars this Sunday morning, look no further than TwoDon’s new visual The Throne. The official audio has already dropped, but the awe-inspiring visual is a must see. The Black and White mini- film starts off with TwoDon getting into a physical altercation with a man almost double his size. Continue to watch to find the metaphors throughout, as Don becomes a priest alongside a nun moving into a ghetto gospel. Director Vivid Visions executed this so well, and Don truly showed his acting skills. It also starred Thee Father and Tyler Hardy who gave an incredible performance.

Grab the audio here. 

Ty Farris – Draw A Picture For Ya Brain (Music Video)

Damn I love my job. It’s such a blessing to discover new MC’s just by clicking on a new email. This was the case with Detroit’s Ty Farris who packs quite a punch in his new visual Draw A Picture For Ya Brain. His dense but complex bars couldn’t be more vivid, and require dedicated listening. The track is a single off of his recently released EP No Cosign Just Cocaine, featuring production from Stu Bangas, Rob Viktum, Bozack Morris, and more. Director Kurt Norris brought even more grit to the track, encompassing producer Rob Viktum’s lush production.

Stream No Cosign Just Cocaine on all digital outlets here. 

Coach Kev – I-35 (Track) (feat. Jay Luse & Blake Cris)

If you want a late night groove with a little darkness peep Coach Kev’s new track I-35.  The song is an ode to the major freeway that runs north and south straight through the heart of the Dallas metroplex. Fitting as Kev is a Dallas native.The haunting track featuring a cast of talented artists (Jay Luse & Blake Cris) along with production from Evan Jones along with a guitar solo from Cliff Bereutr. Kev put a lot of work into this one, crafting a midnight soundscape with witty yet personal bars.

Peep the official music video here and listen on all streaming outlets here.

Kyo Itachi & Realio Sparkzwell (feat. Poison Pen) (Single)

Good lord have we got a gem on our hands. Kyo Itachi and Realio Sparkzwell are gearing up for their high concept album based loosely on the cult classic anime film Akira. To build their well deserved buzz they’ve dropped a few singles that are damn near masterpieces. My favorite, Off and Away, is what is missing in the SoundCloud universe. The track evokes the grit of Wu-Tang’s debut album, using conceptual themes and visual art in the form of music. The one two punch bring together dramatic themes and eclectic bars that solidify their chemistry along with a dope feature from Poison Pen. According to Realio:

“This album will tell a story if you pay attention to it. Over time one may catch more and more of what was done here. Pay Attention.” 

Guest features will come from Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox), C Rayz Walz, Poison Pen, Kinetic 9 (Killarmy), Supreme Cerebral, Killa Kali and Nowaah The Flood while DJ Audas and DJ Afar will provide cuts.

Peep the singles and pre-order the limited edition signed CD (only 100 copies on BandCamp here.