Rising MC Chizlonies the Lord Is Ready And Able To Take Chicago By Storm (Exclusive Interview)

In today’s easy up-load SoundCloud generation, many rappers literally cannot wait to drop music. Budding MC Chizlonies the Lord sees success differently. He’s been eagerly prepping for a poppin’ 2018, taking his time on putting music together, dropping singles, and building his buzz. This is all in anticipation of his upcoming project “Songs For Women,” which you can expect to drop in the near future. We co-sign him heavy, and thought it only right for you guys to get to know him before he takes the city by storm.

First off – give us an introduction on yourself.

Well, basically I’m a first generation Nigerian from the south suburbs of Chicago. Started rapping I think like 9-10 years ago and just been working on improvement and finding my particular sound.

Very nice. How old are you?

I’m 25

Awesome. When did you first put out material?

Uhhh man, well it really depends on what you mean. I was rhyming and putting out stuff as part of a duo with my best friend from undergrad since our first year in college. As a sole effort as Chizlonies The Lord, I dropped a song called house of Gawd Body in like November of last year. Actually September.

How did that song do?

It got a good reception as a first effort, you know? More views than I anticipated across all streaming platforms, I don’t remember exactly the numbers but I remember being leased at the time it was getting posts by random blogs that post underground stuff. It gave me some confidence, kinda made me feel like “okay you making some shit that people can vibe with and replay.”

Definitely. So you’re working on new material right?

Yeah, currently working on a new project called Songs For Women. It’s actually done, just gotta decide what songs out of the many we finished to actually put out.

Why did you decide to call it Songs For Women?

Well all the songs have to do with some aspect of love. Obviously most of the time I write from my perspective or experiences I’ve had or witnessed, but I want people to identify with it regardless of their sexual orientation, and I think they will be able to. But yeah, basically every song is themed on some aspect of love.

That’s a great concept. It is only rapping? Any singing?

Yeah I guess you could say that. I don’t feel like I can TRULY sing, I just be harmonizing with myself (laughs.) But yeah, it’s a healthy mix of both. I think, learning more towards rhyming.

Sounds like a good combination. Going further back, what inspired you to rap? What did you listen to growing up?

I listend to a lot honestly. Before I even started listening to hip hop which was in 5th grade, I was listening to the shit my mom and dad would play in the house. Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Rod Stewart, Kenny Rodgers. Then when it came to rap and hip hop later on I was heavy on Lil Wayne, Wale, and a ton of radio shit.

Started listening to underground stuff when I was in late high school and just random stuff I liked. Listened to a lot of Japanese rock because I thought the intro songs many of the anime I watched were cold as hell.

Do you think your interest in other genres has reflected on your music? Yeah I think so, I just wouldn’t be able to put it into tangible terms of how it impacted music or the way I approach a song. 

Have any artists influenced your sound?

Let me see, definitely Wale, Alex Wiley, Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Andre 3000. I vibe with the energy that all those artists bring.

That’s a great mix of influences. What are your plans for this year? Musically, artistically, etc.

Really just tryna get some consistency, at least in terms of dropping music. Trying to take my time with everything.

Are you working with anyone on this project?

No, not exclusively. I’m working with different producers for my next projects though.

Anyone you’d like to work with?

No I.D., 40, Zaytoven!