Zeek Wonderlen Pours His Heart Out In Exceptional New Music Video, “Let Go”

Zeek Wonderlen is a fairly new artist out of Chicago, and has already racked up views, posts and praise. In November of last year he dropped his EP Project Baby which jumpstarted his newly minted career. Let Go is his first official music video, although the actual song was off the aforementioned EP. The south-sider is new to our pages, but Let Go stood out to me from the get go. Zeek shows influence from a host of genres, most notably on the catchy chorus. He’s having a hard time letting go; a hardship we’ve all faced at one point in our lives.

Zeek has the innate ability of finding common ground with his listeners and building a close knit relationship with them. His vocals are equal parts light-hearted and blue, shadowed by the all too common circumstances of Chicago. Fenix Visions portrays the sadness brilliantly in the story’s sequence and visual effects. Zeek has blow me away in just his first submission, and I’m sure this won’t be the last time.