Producer Spotlight: Burnin’ Giraph

LA’s budding producer Burnin Giraph has been altering minds and distorting reality for years. 6 years ago he put out two impressive remixes to Trouble On My Mind by Tyler, The Creator & Pusha T and God Bless The Child by Billie Holiday. After posting the tracks on SoundCloud he took a 4 year break before blessing us with Shake Dreams. This was his first original composition, playing bass guitar, piano and live punched drums. Giraph stayed away from programming and constructed a gorgeous and eclectic instrumental that showed his passion for music.

It’s been over a year since Shake Dreams, and Giraph has been consistent as ever. After a collaboration with Asad ILL and a Death Grips flip, he dropped his first full length, Burnin Death. Burnin Death proved Giraph could put together a complex and engaging project with multiple tracks. The LP finally brought the accolades and attention he deserved, and his output grew.

Giraph drops his music in an alluring way – evident in his BEYOND CLOSED EYES EP which was a 5 minute long stream. He’s also dropped 2 much longer EP’s titled list 18 and list 18 3. Both incorporated atmospheric soundscapes with galactic sounds and Death Grips inspired noise. Death Grips and Flying Lotus are hidden in his SoundCloud tags and descriptions – two producers with an obvious influence on his music.

It’s important to note the titles of Giraph’s original work along with the cover art and his notes under the SoundCloud streams. Since his first composition, Girpah has used a strong or loose theme to every drop. They are meant to be uncovered with multiple listens while putting together his mysterious clues.

He just released his most well rounded EP yet in End Of The World And To The Left (above.) Burnin Giraph produced every track and sent them out with individual artists in mind. He reached out to Chicago mainstay Qari, previous collaborator Asad ILL, and Vinny Virgo, Loe, Waju, Richard Wright, and Loe. The project is scattered with complex rhymes, poetic musings, distorted vocals and the best production Giraph has ever put together.

Each artist and MC were given free reign over his instrumentals, but Giraph’s overall message was about leaving the planet, relationships ending, and existing beyond the physical realm. Although features were abundant, Giraph sequenced the EP perfectly, and used his beats to complete the above theme. End Of The World And To The Left has been posted all over the blogosphere, but Giraph has yet to be written about extensively. His music may be puzzling, but his passion for music is always there.