Chicago Crooner Azizz Drops A New Single Off His Upcoming EP “Mood”

Chicago has always been a hub for vocalists, and they are finally getting their due respect. Another crooner from the city is Azizz, and he’s hitting our pages for the first time with Deserve. The song serves as the first single off his upcoming Sophomore EP Mood which is set to drop very soon. Azizz has a different approach to singing – perfectly fine with hitting high notes that smooth into dreamy soundscapes.

The theme of Deserve is simple but works with his obvious sincerity. He combines light melodics with heartfelt lyrics about a girl he knows deserves better than her current man. As a play on words, he tells her he will do better in any way she wants. The gorgeous production comes from Trappie Chan, who adds an airy backdrop for the singer to harmonize. Azizz has continued to grow his fan base and has the potential to become a cornerstone of the R&B movement budding in the Windy City.