After A Year’s Hiatus, New York’s Rocket Drops His Most Impressive Track Yet In “5AM”

New York-based rapper, actor, and producer Rocket hasn’t dropped music in over a year. His previous tracks were remixes and more geared toward women, and although decent, didn’t show his true skills. The young talent is back after the hiatus with a rousing, fast paced song titled 5AM.

The CashMoneyAp produced track showcases the energy and lyrical skills that Rocket has always had, but for some reason has kept under wraps. His punchlines are hilarious, bar heavy, and incredibly impressive for such a young man. Rocket has developed so much in such a short period of time, displaying more energy, confidence, and creativity. 5AM has gotten a great response, and with the accolades under his belt, Rocket is eager to show what else he can do on the mic.