Baritone Vocalist Myes Cameron Shows Us The Dark Side Of Being An Artist In “caged bird” (New Music Video)

NY’s Myes Cameron has the voice of an angel. Yes, he is a baritone vocalist, but has the heart and soul of jazz and blues singers from the early 20th century. His newest visual to the previously released caged bird is poetry, heartache, and the purest singing I have heard in recent memory. The audio dropped over 4 months ago and has organically racked up 12K streams on SoundCloud, along with attention on Spotify and Apple Music. It’s only a matter of time before the right people get in tune and give him the opportunity of a lifetime.

Videographer Lukas Cox put together a conceptual black and white visual emulating Myes as a caged bird. Both Lukas and Myes focused on showing what it feels like to put personal art into the world and, subsequently, feeling like a spectacle for others to gawk at. The final shot will blow your mind, so stick around till the end.

I urge you to follow Myes on SoundCloud to keep up with his music. Stream the audio to caged bird below: