The Terra Godz’s Vagabond Maurice Drops His Best Work Yet In “Kerberos Meteor Showers Part 1”

The Chicago supergroup The Terra Godz have been making strong moves in the city. Stand out member Vagabond Maurice also puts out music as a solo artist, and has garnered almost 3K followers on SoundCloud. He adds a unique flair to Chicago hip-hop and indirectly pushes rappers to step their game up. In the last month his output has grown in solidarity, and his newest, Kerberos Meteor Showers Part 1, may just be his best work yet. The jazzy, complex production by Emperor Bohe gives Vagabound the room to use his poetic rapping style, complex lyrics, and dizzying rhyme schemes. He spent his earlier years as a teacher at Young Chicago Authors and the influence shows. An excerpt of the song is below:

“I know the past so well that some of my homies only photographs,
in stacks, seeing mostly horizons like giraffes,
life is really too fast, aimed to cut your whole Achilles in half,
and everything you have is contingent upon a mission,
knowing the difference between possession and acquisition,
and still having enough compassion to match your ammunition”

Leyone Tracks adds a strong feature to the already impressive track, and gives Kerberos Meteor Showers Part 1 the breakdown it needs. Kagabound had this to say about the record:

“Kerberos Meteor Showers, basically, is a meditation/reflection on life after dropping ‘Watching Icarus Fly’,” Maurice said in a recent sit-down. “The experiences I’ve had on tour, seeing how far the music is reaching and how much is growing, and, also the most important part, a reason to use the word ‘tabernacle’ in a verse.”


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