Vocalist RLA Drops Alt/R&B Track “Drove U Crazy”

Sometimes love cannot be explained. Romantic relationships are complex creatures, and if you are lucky enough to find someone who doesn’t make it complicated, consider yourself lucky. Music is a perfect medium to express emotions, describe memories, and share reflections and pain. In the genre of hip-hop, this is usually articulated through intricate lyrics filled with descriptive narratives. Submissions come a dime a dozen, but R&B tracks rarely hit my inbox.

Drove U Crazy by Pittsburgh’s RLA is more on the R&B tip, and although dark and sensual, R is no copycat. Sometimes pain is best described through wailing, echoes, or any vocal techniques the artist so chooses. This is exactly what RLA sees through to the end. He reflects on his history with a past girlfriend and notices their clear signs of regret and jealousy. Highway’s ambient production paired with RLA’s strong conviction and haunting vocals pull Drove U Crazy together seamlessly.


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