Wil Akogu has been a day 1 supporter of not only FFD, but of me as a journalist and media owner. I posted him for the first time 2 years ago, and after getting to know him and hearing early MP3’s, I knew he was something special. He puts hella work into his music, vlogs, videos, and shows, bringing a refreshing energy to Chicago. Wil sent me Idol a few weeks early, and its energy was invigorating. I noticed the complexity of his thoughts not only shown through lyrics but production and song structure. It starts with a needle dropping onto a record, moving into his spoken words “I am a God, but only God can save me.” He cannot be put inside a box, given labels, or compared to a genre. This is all a statement before his debut album Before the Fame, and if you are excited now, the best is yet to come.