Chicago’s Evan Nash Drops Memorable Debut EP “Far From Over”

Chicago’s Evan Nash has been hard at work prepping for his debut EP Far From Over, and it’s certainly paid off. The EP is only 8 tracks long but is a delicious appetizer to the talent that is Evan. There’s pop-induced melodies, progressive flows, acoustic muses, and party anthems. Evan is no one trick pony, showing his versatility within the first 4 tracks alone. Late Night brings hard 808’s, fast rhymes, and impressive bars. Money In Da Bank featuring Adot perfects the autotune sound while I’m On shows confidence and Evan’s ability to slow things down. Vanity is self-reflective, and my personal favorite (music video here.) His choice of production brought the EP to life from the likes of Vic Jones and frequent collaborator Vass Beats. Far From Over impressed me from the jump, and I’m looking forward to what else Evan can bring to the table.


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