Just Enough CT- Lord Willin’/Ride (New Video feat. James Tatum)

Checking in once again with a double visual that emits nothing but heat, Milwaukee artist Just Enough CT does it again, dropping quality music with beautiful visuals captured by Antoine Davis of Midwest Finesse Magazine. In the first song ”Lord Willin”  (produced by Black Out Beats) he lyrically dominates with passion and flair. CT rhymes about his dedication to rapping, nurturing his budding career and demons and devils in the industry. Antonie uses colorful backdrops and intense transitions perfectly capturing the song.

Part 2 is a smooth song titled ”Ride,” featuring James Tatum whose voice is as soulful as you can get. In the video, Antoine and CT paint pictures of overcoming adversity while riding through the city on a chilly night – showcasing their power as a duo.

You can stream CT’s latest project via Spotify here, and if you pay close attention to the Lord Willin video, you can spot a cameo from yours truly.


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