Jae Tilt’s New Visual “Out Of Town” Will Shake You To Your Core (And Is A Must Watch)

“If you ain’t stressin’ than you ain’t taking risks” – and so I am introduced to Arizona’s Jae Tilt. The line comes within 30 seconds of his new visual Out Of Town, with quotables that never end. Jae is unlike any rapper you’ll hear yet. Yes, he mixes Earl Sweatshirts’ blunt and unlimited wordplay, A$AP Rocky’s abstract delivery, and Joey Bada$$’s New York grit, but his flow, subject matter, and delivery are all his own. Jae has the ability to share his inner thoughts and dark history with one-liners that will shake you to your core. The simple, but powerful line, “I ain’t violent, but I know what violence is” is my favorite on the track, but there are many to choose from. It shifts half-way through as Jae attacks the new beat lyrically and visually. Mike Chekc$ put together a straight up devilish instrumental, seamlessly moving into a more up-tempo territory. Thanks must also be given to videographer SD Visions who captured everything that Out Of Town embodies. This is the first single off Jae’s upcoming compilation album that will feature some surprise guests.


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