Chicago Vocalist Brill Ends The Year Strong With “Don’t Tweak” & Announcement of First Headlining Show

This summer I got in tune with Brill through my Save Money plugs. They sent me the song and visual to Pineapples – the first single off his then-upcoming EP Timing Is Everything. I wrote about it extensively, and was pumped for his debut released a few weeks later. On Timing Is Everything, Brill wasn’t afraid to croon over low tempo instrumentals, and sing directly from the heart.

Brill’s newest track, Don’t Tweak, is my choice cut from his growing discography. The 25th Hour worked his magic on the instrumental that gently sways into Brill’s gorgeous vocals questioning his girls’ faithfulness. He incorporates common Chicago slang into the chorus (Don’t Tweak) which adds just the right amount of catchiness to take us through.

Brill is ending the year strong with his first headlining show in Chicago titled “SAVEMONEY FOR R&B LIVE.” He’ll be performing with a live band at Sub-T December 15th, and if you haven’t seen him on stage yet now is the perfect time. Tickets and more info are here.


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