Father Kari – “Kari’s DreamLand and the Sauce Mirror” (NEW PROJECT)

Ya know, one of the greatest things about this art, is being able to find a song to fit just about any mood. Over the weekend, I visited the Dojo in Pilsen (for the first time because ..introvert) where a few members of Slumpgang777 were performing. So inclined to cut my conversation short, I quickly made my way down the back stairway to find out what all of the commotion was about. Just in time to catch the ending of Warp Start, his very first track on DreamLand, I knew everyone in the building was in for a treat. Not only were his raps phenomenal and engaging, he commanded stage presence. While only four tracks, DreamLand is easy to appreciate. If you’re at work or getting ready for a function, this is for you. If you’re anything like me and are home, avoiding crowds, doing your introvert thing, this is also for you.

It’s the middle of the week y’all, so hang tight. Follow me on Twitter @_BrittneyCarter and keep me updated with your favorite artist. Peace !


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