The Law of HUEY – “Law Was Here” (New Project)

After an extended weekend spent with people near and dear to me, I awoke this morning eager to hear a piece of work that’s been long overdue. Last night at midnight, Law, a west side native, dropped his freshman project. Hardly a rookie, he touches on subjects relatable to everyone who has experienced what it’s like to grow HERE. No need to skip any track, every one has been thoughtfully placed. Law teams up with fellow members of Huey Gang, a west side based collective, and delivers a cohesive piece of art. On top of charismatic lines, it’s hard to ignore how much fun he’s having while creating. We are rooting for you Law ! Congratulations on completing your very first project.

That’s all from me today. I’m working on 4 hours of sleep. Follow us on Twitter and tweet us your favorite lines from Law Was Here.

I’m out y’all. Peace !