Sunday Afternoon With Cali’s (New Track)

If you’re anything like me, Sunday’s are days of reflection and plenty relaxation. They’re typically spent secluded, dissecting films, or creating the perfect playlist to begin my week. This afternoon, I ran across flowers&whatnot by Kurt, an artist from the Bay Area. While it may be obvious to pinpoint his musical influences, Kurt has a cadence that is easy to get lost in. While traveling through his releases, one can not help but notice that he has yet to drop a project. Whether next month or next year, we over here at flowsfordays are interested in watching this vibrant artist grow. Very free flowing in style, his topics vary from substances to his love interest. Although, in this particular track he makes it perfectly clear that “this isn’t a love song”. We hear you Kurt, we hear you. Fellas, it’s currently 48 degrees in Chicago and the sun is showing it’s face. If you’re anything like me, flowers&whatnot sounds like the perfect gesture.

Until next time y’all. Peace.