Yung Plato Brings A Fresh Sound to Hip Hop In His Newest Track “Ese Vato Fre$h”

Yung Plato is only 19 but has talent way beyond his years. The attention to Cali hip-hop is growing, and Plato must be in the conversation of up and comers. His newest track, Ese Vato Fre$h, is hard to define, and probably shouldn’t be. Plato has a profound ability to blend echoing musings into potent rhymes with an off-kilter flow. It sounds elegant although the content can be harsh.

The chorus, if you’d call it that, features deep, distorted vocals that might be a sample or original content. His high pitched and engaging bars can lead to repeated phrases that come at just the right time. On Ese, Plato shares pieces of his life, and his connection to Tijuana Mexico. The song features production by Green Piccolo who is just as unique. You’ll hear sirens, bass, and other elements that surprisingly work well together. Plato puts out music at an astounding rate, so be sure to follow him on SoundCloud for all updates.