Matt Maratea Shows His Versatility In Double Drop “TALKIN’ BOUT” & “ANOTHA”

Matt Maratea has become a flowsfordays favorite. I’ve always admired his ability to create diverse tracks. One drop will be full of west coast flavor, another has that NY grit, and then there are his full-fledged bangers. His production choice compliments everything he puts out…another feat. His newest double drop, TALKIN’ BOUT & ANOTHA, are hard-hitting records that share his values and evoke confidence. Matt feels strongly that respect has to be earned, believing in yourself is all you need to succeed, and that his circle must be small. Both tracks have very different instrumentals. TALKIN’ BOUT is a chilled out beat handled by ASIDE, and ANOTHA is bassy heavy thanks to Sky Lines X Familia Gang.

Matt is planning to drop an abundance of singles and visuals in the coming months, so stay tuned.