Dirk Digz Is Back From Hiatus With Heavy Metal Inspired Track “The Anthem”

Another Chicago MC I’ve been sleeping on has hit my inbox. It makes sense, as the talented Dirk Digz took a lengthy hiatus from music. Luckily for us, he’s back with his new track The Anthem. It’s been a year since his last drop, and Dirk is looking to make a comeback with this record. Looks like he’ll have no trouble, as he seems to have found his sound in content and production. The Anthem is a horrorcore take on hip hop, with a helping hand from producer Ezra. Elements of metal and rock permeate Dirk’s storytelling of his hopelessness, tough upbringing, and a chorus that is surprisingly catchy for its filthy content. It’s a lengthy record, but a proper re-introduction to the promising underground rapper.