Chicago’s CBBeatz Proves His Worth In Collaborative Project “On My Way”

CBBeatz has naviagated his way through the Chicago hip hop scene to become a well respected, and increasingy talented producer. Full projects are his forte – enlisting a wide range of rappers’ to hop on his beats. His first beat tape dropped 3 years ago, and the evolution in his sound and full lengths has only progressed. Beatz once questionable dominance is now solidifed with his newest album, On My Way. The title couldn’t be more accurate – as he is well on his way in becoming an established produer in the industry. This is his most diverse project yet, as Beatz can put together video game bleeps, (By The Store) classic hip hop records (Seven Samurai) and anything inbetween. Beatz versitility in his production is exceptional, along with his choice in collaboraters. You will, without doubt, discover some overlooked performers, and become fans of more established MC’s & vocalists.