The sounds of Alternative R&B continuing to break new ground (truly putting the “Alternative” in Alternative R&B), have allowed artists like Boston’s own Ed Balloon to flourish and innovate, as he does on the fantastically forward-thinking EP Flourish released on Deathbomb Arc.

Ed carries the raw vocal talent of a vintage gospel singer, and applies that talent to varied instrumentals that take equal cues from the roots of funk, and the experimentation of indietronica. The instantly memorable hornline on standout Papér Chaser serves as a perfect introduction to Ed’s lyrical consciousness and vocal soulfulness, while Parties uses an ironically party-ready electronic backing to subvert the economic and social elitism of fame and debauchery. Fam Bam meanwhile features the most passionate performances on the project from both Ed and King Kuf as they tackle persisting through mutual struggles over a beat that resonates through its sparseness.
Ed has brought innovation and insight in equal capacities on Flourish, a project that is unafraid to be emotionally honest and sonically heterogeneous.