The value that platforms like Soundcloud and Bandcamp have given to independent artists cannot be understated, its detachment from industry politics allows music to speak for itself transcending image, marketing, or timing. This is evident in the sudden release of what appears to be Wisconsin MC Josh Jenkins’ debut single Crown. A charged single addressing systematic racial inequality over production from Austinfig that bubbles under the harsh surface of the truths Jenkins is delivering in a way that augments his words and musically stands alone.

“Black king, I got bigger dreams I’mma need my crown” Jenkins repeats as a sort of mantra in between his verses that show him surmounting racial stereotypes, as well as misguided apologists for the progress that is yet to be made. Over the course of each verse, his flow darts from fact-to-fact bar-for-bar as Jenkins proves himself as being equally aware of society’s most disgusting tendencies and that he won’t let them silence him.

Compounded with this surprise single release, was the announcement of a full project Redemption dropping October 15th. There is no way to guess what that project will sound like or what Jenkins’ next step will be, other than it being the sound of a new voice that needs to be heard.