After years of anticipation (his last project being the highly promising Preacher’s Son two years ago), Chatanooga, Tennessee’s own YGTUT has returned with a new EP collaborating with Atlanta producer Ducko McFli, the pairing producing five gritty but melodic tracks that bode well for both of their futures on the Supa EP. In his production, Ducko has always struck his own unique balance between the trap-influenced production flourishes that have been running Atlanta for the past decade, and the trademark southern-fried soulful sound of landmark records from the likes of Outkast, UGK, and Devin the Dude (amongst many others), and this balance between pillars of Southern Hip Hop culture is a perfect match for YGTUT and his similar appreciation for the deep history of Southern Hip Hop.

Between his storytelling prowess in reference to his own come-up on tracks like Stick & Move (a highlight on all fronts), to his display of a triplet-flow that Lord Infamous would have been proud of on the deceptively low-key On the Set, YGTUT continues to put on for the South and stake his own claim as a star MC, as neither he nor Ducko miss a step on this strongly succinct EP.

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