Abstract has been a staple in independent hip hop for awhile, amassing millions on millions of views with a core following to back it up. Known for inspirational songs of hope and dream chasing, he does not disappoint.

Produced by Blulake and featuring the beautiful voice talents of Aspen Dawn, “Never Gonna Die” is the status quo of learning to living life with no worries and no stress. Abstract breaks down the vices of our society, from social media, procrastination, and not seeing your inner beauty. With the direction of Mike Squires, the video has views that are just as beautiful as the chorus. “You and I will live our lives, like we’re never gonna die” are the words that resound through the song and pave a way of light in a sometimes dark world.

Sometimes the fear of failing is more destructive than failing itself. We have to break new bonds every day, push ourselves and find the drive that made us dream in the first place. No stress, no fear, giving up. The journey is the most satisfying part. Once we realize that we are not alone on that journey, that there are other people persevering and fighting the same fight, we realize that we can live like we’re never going to die.

Check out Abstract’s “Never Gonna Die” featuring Aspen Dawn, produced by Blulake, and directed by Mike Squires.