As is to be expected from a producer with ties to Brainfeeder and Stones Throw Records, LA producer Samiyam can always be depended on for offering forward-thinking production. This continues to be the case on his latest project Pizza Party, which stands at a brisk 23 minutes in length but does not waste a second of that time.

Samiyam’s trademark wonky production, with unpredictable and unquantized percussion and lo-fi samples that melt kaleidoscopically over the surreal foundation the underlying production provides, remains in effect here. Pizza Party is also a rather insular project from Samiyam, carrying only a single co-production from Jonwayne (who also mixed and mastered the album), on the last track What Can I Do, and no vocal features.

This allows Samiyam’s production to stand on its own however, as opener Slime sounds like it could have fit on an old SEGA RPG, while Sour Candy carries the appropriate bite its title implies. With prior connections to Earl Sweatshirt and Action Bronson, Samiyam has long already had the approval of the guardians of rap’s underground, but steps out on his own on this concise but captivatingly creative beat-tape.