Chicago’s Doso​ ​Drops​ A ​Tribute​ ​to​ ​Tupac In New Song​ ​”Again,​ ​Again”

Chicago rapper & singer Doso has been working on his craft for over 3 years, and it shows. 3 years in, multiple song releases, a visual, and independently crafted shows have brought him success and accolades – but much more praise is deserved. Doso has a wide array of talents from singing prowess, lyrical dexterity, and ability to perform over any instrumental. He proves this once again with his newest release titled Again, Again. Any artist attempting to rap or sing over Tupac’s legendary Ambitionz Az A Ridah beat must pay the right homage – and Doso does. Credit must also be given to KidWond3r who “remixed” the track on Lud Foe’s No Hooks mixtape which was also used on Doso’s song.

He carries the freestyle-esqe record all on his own,  bodying the chorus and even using melodic undertones. Again, Again is incredibly catchy, mixing the popular soundscape of today’s hip-hop, yet still bringing his own flavor with more content than usual. In it, he is reminding himself to stay consistent, maintain his work ethic, and always keep his goals in sight. With his drive to turn heads, this shouldn’t be a problem. Stream & download above.