Chris Buxton is making moves as of late that might just give him the popstar status he’s hoping for. His newest project, “Suburban Popstar”, is a 5 track EP of hip-pop, with every track being able to stand alone as a single.

“Mary, Lucy, I” is a subtle track of love that could have been. Produced by Daniel East, his vocals take it to a new level.

“Came Up”, is story of his lifestyle, from the industry killing him, the money and women being abundant, and living for the day.

“LMK”, is as pip as you can get as this track is a straight hit. “I bought a bottle, we moving full throttle, she screaming ‘I love you’, yeah”. My personal favorite, this track brings back all the summer vibes we have lost so far this Fall.

The first official single, “Swerve”, is a song of a love hate relationship and wanting to do anything for a girl with expensive taste.

“L.A”, the final song, is about the alluring lifestyle of being young, popping, and being in the City of Angels.

Suburban Popstar”, the new EP from Chris Buxton, is available now on all platforms but you can listen above, check it out now!