As with most other forms of entertainment, rap relies on persona, an MC creating their own auditory character with whatever personal qualities they want to emphasize for their audience. This helps artists distinguish themselves and flex their own creative energies, however oftentimes it is the most honest expressions that are the most powerful. On his aptly-titled new project Real Person, Berkeley MC Caleborate does a fantastic job of honestly expressing his fears, dreams, insecurities, and everything in between.

Allowing these expressions to ring especially poignant is the varied but always captivating production that engages listeners musically and emotionally. Caleborate waxes poetic about love that transcends lust on Fine (doing so over the same classic sample as ATCQ’s Electric Relaxtion), while describing his own hustle over the hard-hitting and passionate Soul, which shifts lyrical gears in the second half to describe in even deeper detail, personal struggles with family, finances, and fame.

While other rappers worry about clout, Caleborate has delivered an emotional experience that feels like reading a personal journal on human emotions, through an abundance of fiery verses and fantastic production, that is a must listen for fans of thoughtful, introspective hip hop.