Underrated Singer AnsayaYahYah Drops Another Gem In Her New Song “FALL”

4 months ago I was swept off my feet by singer AnsayaYahYah. She had just dropped one of my favorite songs of the year titled Anybody. I couldn’t stop playing it. Literally. This is a rare occurrence, as I blog for a living and have to listen to a lot of music. It’s follow-up, Wussup, was equally impressive, although I preferred the latter. Another song impacted last night and I was once again at a loss for words. Ansaya is criminally underrated, and deserves much more attention for her ability to incorporate multiple genres with her ever changing vocals.

I was ecstatic to see her come up on my SoundCloud feed last night and was once again at a loss for words. FALL is a singer/songwriter experiment, rooted in dance and electro. While there is no info on the producer, whoever put it together brought the best out of Ansaya. It’s obvious she can body any genre, and FALL is yet another notch on her strong discography belt. Give her her due respect by streaming above.