Dynamic NY Duo P.S. 211 Drop Their Killer Self-Titled​ EP


There will always be something to be said for a dynamic rap duo. It is arguable that nothing is stronger than two rappers on the same wavelength, with enough chemistry & idiosyncrasies to keep things interesting. NY duo P.S. 211, comprised of underground fixtures Danse and Telli, understand this power and have stepped up to the plate with their infectious new self-titled EP. While the entire project is very solid, the single Murakami was my introduction to the group.

On this track, P.S. 211 carry the same feel-good chemistry of acts like Camp Lo and The Cool Kids, flexing over a beat that is rooted in the organic bass and piano lines of jazz. It morphs in a manner that keeps listeners on their toes (albeit always tapping them). The MCs meanwhile do not let the beat overwhelm them for a second as they smoothly deliver memorable punchline after punchline.

P.S. 211 have delivered a party-ready single and standout EP that still brings quality flows and clever lyrics. This is an achievement that must be noted, and proof that they are a group to watch.