The Chicago Round Up​ (Monday, October 2nd)

It’s impossible to keep up with the newest hip-hop releases. While streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music highlight them, they only do so once a week with almost no coverage of “less established” rappers. I write about music for a living, and still can’t keep up. I adore Chicago hip-hop and listen to it pretty much all day. Still, it’s impossible for me to cover every new song, video, or mixtape coming out of the city. “The Chicago Round Up” is a reoccurring series highlighting some of the most noteworthy content of the day so we can all get to the music quicker.

MFnMelo – MeloDramatics (New Album)

Our formal introduction to MFnMelo came in Jimmy, the PIVOT gang mixtape that jumpstarted the group’s grassroots movement. MFn’s rhyming skills were in-tact, but not completely polished. As time went by, word got around that his debut was in the works, and complete flames. Melo has been working on MeloDramatics for some time now, and after some seriously solid singles, it has finally impacted.

The production is silky smooth, playing a backdrop to Melo’s ferocious wordplay. When standout single Lately (with Chicago heavyweights Saba & DinnerWithJohn) was officially released I had high expectations for the rest of the project. MeloDramataics more than delivered – and has proven Melo can thrive all on his own.

M.Whise – Spotlight (New Track)

The artist formerly known as Matt Whise has been featured on flowsfordays a number of times. While we’ve enjoyed his music – it wasn’t until his last song Perfect Blue that we heard a serious growth in the MC. M is now experimenting with melodies, hooks, and abstract soundscapes. He explores even more in his latest, Spotlight. His deep vocals, accompanied by thick bass from Jvst X/Lunafrey, might just break your speakers. M calls this one of the best songs he’s made “in a minute,” and I would have to agree.

Xavier & The Thrill – Wild Things Are (New Track)

Xavier & The Thrill is one of the most creative artists in the city. A few months ago he dropped an album quality teaser to prep us for his upcoming full-length. The collab with UG Vavy was insane – and has made it even harder to wait for the project. To tide us over, Xavier has dropped a loosie titled Wild Things Are. The song is pure hip-hop bliss, as Xavier spits out vigorous and complex bars for over 4 minutes. The air time may seem intimidating, but I promise you it’s worth it.

Ran$ah – PSA (New Music Video)

I’m always cautious of very short music videos, as they sometimes serve no purpose. My fears disappeared 10 seconds into Ran$ah’s newest Marcus P shot visual, PSA. The one-liners were unforgettable, and Plu2o Nash’s ominous beat blew me away. Ran$ah knows he “can’t get caught in the moment,” and with his eyes almost always on the camera, he shouldn’t have a problem.