Plainro & Tiffany Hines Join For A Heartfelt Duet In “Gravity Pt. 1”

Plainro has been on my radar for a very long time. He’s an excellent musician and someone who inspires me creatively. FFD premiered one of his tracks, and I’ve written up a lot of his music as he puts everything he has into each song and project. It’s been awhile since a full length, but Ro is keeping his name in the mix dropping beautiful records featuring well respected and talented singers and MC’s.

A new single impacted just yesterday in the form of Gravity Pt. 1, and it is his most ambitious record yet. I can’t think of the last time I’ve heard such a heartfelt duet between two like-minded singers. Plainro and Tiffany Hines mesh their light and soulful vocals from the jump, creating a concept record between two lovers who can’t seem to make it work. There is still hope and a desire to make things right – and Tiffany lays it all on the line towards the end. The production is astounding, a strumming of guitar strings and a floating backdrop. Let your soul break free by streaming above.